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Bob Silah, Operation Helping HandOpHH provides assistance and support for the families of the active duty wounded & injured.

"How-To" for Members (HELP)

Help Videos (compliments of Jessica Kingsborough)

Profile Setup Tutorial

Website Event Registration

How To Send A Group Email

This is a constantly updated Help resource for communicating instructions for the most common website tasks of CABA members.  Please check back as we will include more information based on your questions and needs.
If you would like to print a copy of this guide, click here.


Note: Information contained in this Help section is only applicable to current CABA members.  If you are not a registered CABA member and would like to join, please click here.

You may see two different sign-in methods depending on your browser and most recent sign-in.  Either one will work exactly the same way. 
  1. Enter your Username
  2. Enter your Password
  3. Place a checkmark in the "Remember Me" box if you would like your password remembered so that you don't have to type it each time you sign-in.  If you would prefer not to have your password saved, do not place a checkmark in the "Remember Me" box.
  4. Click the "Sign In" button or click "Enter" on your keyboard to gain access to the sight.

My Profile
The "My Profile" section is your administrative tool to update and edit your CABA member profile, add sub-accounts, manage your groups, blogs, files, links, photos, and subscriptions, edit your notification preferences, post job openings and more.  It is critical to your networking success to keep your profile up-to-date and to encourage others to visit it.

My Personal Page
This is the area of your administrative control panel where you can edit nearly every portion of your CABA member profile.  The following areas of your CABA member profile can be edited, changed, or updated from here:
  1. Your Profile Photo
  2. Your Account Information (including: Personalized URL, Username/Password and Email Address)
  3. Your Personal Information (Full Name)
  4. Your Additional Information (including: Keywords, More Information)
  5. Your Contact Information (including: Organization Name, Title, Profession, Website, Address, Phone, Fax)
  6. Your Photos
To make changes in any of these locations, choose "[Edit]" from the associated navigation bar.  Make your changes.  The next 2 steps are very important or your information will NOT be saved; 1) Read the Terms of Use and place a checkmark in the "I Accept the Terms of Use" box and, 2) Click the "Save Changes" button.  Only after completing those 2 steps will your changes be saved and updated in the system.

This is the area where you manage the groups that you belong to.  Everyone is part of the CABA Main Community.  You may also choose to join a committee and therefore would become a part of that group.  You can send group emails and messages from here.  Note: this is NOT where you join groups.    To join a group, click here.

To join a group, go to the Group Home Page, Choose a Committee and press ‘Request Membership’.  Once you’ve joined a committee, you’ll find information related to the committee work on this Group Home Page.

CABA GROUP Email (replaces CABANetworks)
Group Email guidelines:
  1. One email per 7 days
  2. The message must pertain to a CABA member's business
  3. Incorporate the word "CABA" in your subject line so you do not end up in a spam folder
  4. URLs are OK, but system will not allow for attachments
To send a group message to all registered CABA members:  sign-in, go to "Groups" in the right rail, hover your cursor over the options icon (pictured below) next to the CABA Main Community: CABA Members group.  Click on "Email All Group Members" (pictured below).  Type in your message using the word "CABA" in the subject line (text only, no html).    This will reach all registered CABA Members.
Choose the "Email All Group Members" option.

How to Cut down on or get rid of Unwanted e-mails and alerts

* Sign on with your user name and password

* On the Right Rail, click on "My Preferences" - you will get a box like what is listed below

* You will need to check and more importantly "uncheck" some of the alerts that you are set to get.  For example:  you may be set-up to receive an e-mail alert every time some "messages" you, updates their profile, joins your group, etc.   You may want to "uncheck" those choices, as you will already be on the CABA website (hint hint) checking out everything that is going on.  This will cut down on the alerts you get in your e-mail. 




** Please note: CABA sends important notifications about upcoming events, opportunities, etc. directly to your email address.  Messages within the CABA website are from members to members about their own businesses.

Setting up your Sub-Accounts (or additional contacts)
The new caba website records the Primary contact person for your business membership ONLY.  If you would like to have additional members of your business enjoy a profile of their own, you can set up a Sub-Account for up to 2 additional people from your business.  They will also be able to create their own profile, send and receive e-mails and messages, sign up for events, join committees, and much more.  It will also double or triple your exposure when someone is "searching" for your company on the website.



It is quick and easy to do.  

STEP 1:   Log on to (Primary user).

STEP 2:  Go into "Sub-Accounts" in the right rail.   You will see something similar (as listed below):  


My Sub-accounts

You currently have 2 seats, 2 of which are available.

Invite New Members

You may enter the email address of up to 2 recipient(s), one per line.

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