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Technology Committee


CABA has a state-of-the-art website,, which includes a multitude of technology-based applications and marketing tools. Our website is open to the general public for searches on most any type business product or service you need. If you find a business on our website, you will be doing business with a local company and supporting our local economy.

As a CABA member, you get your own profile page, which allows you to market yourself to other CABA members and to the general public. You are able to load pertinent pictures, attachments, and a menu of products and services that will help market your business. You may also use the website to communicate with all the other CABA members about your company, register for events, view upcoming meetings, renew your membership, and much more.

CABA has successfully worked to improve our search engine optimization to get the most exposure to CABA and our members. Here are some statistics from the past year:

~29,000 visits to our website
~Over 135,000 page views
~4.76 pages per visit
~4:05 time on site
~38.77% of all visits are new visitors
We hope everyone finds the CABA website easy to use and a successful marketing tool. We also have a CABA Facebook page, so make sure you "Like" that. We hope you continue to visit the site as information, pictures, and events are continually updated.
If you're interested in becoming a part of this innovative committee, please click below or contact Lynda Damiata directly at 813-417-7362 or email


CABA Website Tutorial by Kristin Votta
CABA Website Tutorial by Steve Welch
CABA Website Tutorial at
the Newcomer's Lunch
by Kristin Votta

CABA Website Tutorial at
the Newcomer's Lunch
by Steve Welch

Step 2: In the Committee window that opens, click the link ‘Request Membership’,
located at the top right of the Committee page
Step 3: Upon clicking the link ‘Request Membership’, an auto generated email
will be sent to the Group Administrator
Step 4: Once the Group Administrator approves the request, your new Committee
membership will be visible on your CABA profile






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