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  • 2016-2017 CABA Board Elections

    It is a true honor to be recognized as a potential leader for our amazing organization!  Please find below the Nomination Form, CABA Board Duties list, as well as the Guidelines for Campaigning.
    In addition, here you can learn about all the candidates running for the CABA Board of Directors.  Be sure to click each candidate's company link to find out more about their business and how they can be a great partner or referral for your business!
    Nomination Form                    Board Duties                    Campaigning Guidelines
  • Candidate for President-Elect

    Diane Stoddart
    PO Box 342721, Tampa, FL 33694
    813-363-6441, dmstoddart@assuregrp.com

    Why are you running for CABA office?
    Since joining CABA, I have received tremendous support as I work to grow my business.  I believe that much of my success has developed with the help and referrals from CABA members over the years.  I want to continue to give back to CABA and to the Carrollwood community so that members and their businesses can thrive, keeping all of our businesses and neighborhoods as great places to live, raise our children and retire.

    What has been your past involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a Board Member?
    After joining CABA in 2012, I made every effort to contribute and get involved wherever I could, and I was named Rookie of the Year.  I was nominated and voted to join the Board of Directors for the following two years.  I was first Director of the Programs Committee, and then the Director of Special Events, organizing the Taste of Carrollwood in 2015.  I have always worked toward leadership roles in every job/career path I’ve taken.  As a Board Member, my aim will be to continue to improve what CABA does for both our members and our community.  I thank you for considering me to represent your needs and interests.


  • Candidate for Secretary

    Barbara Sekely
    2701 North Rocky Point Dr, Ste 400, TampaFL 33607
    727-409-7761, Bsekely@Wradvisors.com

    Why are you running for CABA office?
    It is my goal to help every member have a great CABA experience. It is an exciting time as we explore the benefits of the new website and how to maximize the exposure to each other and the market place.  CABA has a tradition of members paying it forward to help members be successful. I want to be a part of that tradition through active involvement to support our members and give them opportunity to grow and develop their business.

    What has been your past involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a Board member?
    Currently on the Board as Publicity Director and I am serving on the Directory Committee.
    Served on the Gala Committee, Holiday After 5 Committee, Taste of Carrollwood Committee and the Golf Committee in the past several years.
    Each opportunity to serve has helped me to develop and grow as a member and leader for CABA.


  • Candidate for Treasurer

    Connie Rossi
    8626 N. Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 33614
    813-936-0313, crossi@stahlconsulting.com
    Why are you running for CABA office?
    CABA is a great network of trustworthy businesses. I want to give back to CABA to continue making positive growth for our members in the Carrollwood community and to build and nurture the valuable friendships formed among the CABA members.  I am a supporter of team building and CABA is a team of small businesses all striving to help each other be successful.  What a great networking organization and I am proud to call myself a member of CABA.
    What has been your past involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a Board Member?
    I have proudly been a CABA committee member on the specials events committee and golf committee for two years as well as sponsors of various CABA events.  I have also been a greeter and attendee  at numerous coffees and  after 5s. I have served on various non-profit boards in capacities of Treasurer and President-elect and President in the past.  I am well aware of the commitment and time involved to be a good board member and would be honored to be a board member for CABA.   It has been a pleasure being a CABA member since 2013.  Stahl Consulting Group has been a member since 2001 and I intend to continue our membership well into the future.


  • Candidate for Treasurer

    Michael Schwartz
    Small Business CFO
    Tampa, FL 33625
    813-205-2691, michael_schwartz@verizon.net
    Why are you running for CABA Office?
    To make sure a qualified Treasurer candidate is elected.
    What has been your past involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a Board Member?
    My experience & skills


  • Candidate for Director

    Sean Dimas
    2626 E. Bearss Ave, Tampa, FL 33618
    813-960-5346, sdimas@elmcroft.com
    Why are you running for CABA office?
    This year I have been able to make a difference with our goals and be a part of our programs for members, having another term can allow me to be proactive with committees rather than learning for the first time. 
    What has been your past involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a board member?
    This past year I've been able to attend weekly Wednesday meetings to support the organization. In addition to our meetings, I have had the honor to serve with the Board of Directors each month.  The overall duties have provided an importance to me and I really enjoyed working on committee for Directory, demonstrating a vital link between CABA and its members. 


  • Candidate for Director

    Kevin Franzese
    14877 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618
    813-337-5147, kfranzese@my100bank.com

    Why are you running for CABA office?
    I am eager to be actively involved in continuing to help businesses in the Carrollwood area network with each other to grow their business, make our community stronger, and develop and maintain friendships that will last a VERY long time.

    What has been your past involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a Board Member?

    • Networking on the 9s
    • CABA Coffee
    • After 5
    • "Speed Networking"
    • Gala


  • Candidate for Director

    Marta Skik Harich
    3001 North Rocky Point Drive E, Suite 200, Tampa, FL 33607
    813-774-5866, marta@yourvaluedcpa.com
    Why are you running for CABA Office?
    CABA is a pinnacle of our local community business owners and represents what we stand for - support and success.  I would like to continue empowering new business owners and reinvigorating our local business community to invest in each other and see each other's successes unfold.  Together we can move our local economy forward.
    What has been your past  involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a Board Member?
    CABA's weekly meetings and email blast opportunities have been invaluable and have provided me with direct insight to how CABA referrals grow with each business interaction - exponentially.  Working with small to medium sized business owners on a daily basis at my CPA firm, I have been exposed to and advised on a multitude of business challenges these businesses face and would like to be a source of knowledge to my fellow CABA Members in addition to having CABA be a source of guidance and support for the community, so that business owners know they have a team on their court. Additionally, I have served two Boards and am currently part of the Children’s Dream Fund Hillsborough Planned Gifts Advisory Committee and understand the time commitment and patience necessary to have a positive impact on the organization and the members it serves.


  • Candidate for Director

    Rex Henderson
    3820 Northdale Blvd Suite 301a, Tampa, FL 33624
    813-960-1256, rex.henderson@edwardjones.com
    Why are you running for CABA office?
    I have experienced great business success through CABA as well as social connections.  I want to show those benefits.  Also, I hope to promote the prosperity of the business professionals in Carrollwood.
    What has been your past involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a Board Member?
    1. Hosted 2 CABA Coffees
    2. On Golf Committee
    3. Attend regularly


  • Candidate for Director

    Jennifer Jenkins
    Tampa, FL 33618
    614-353-5079, info@b4advo.com
    Why are you running for CABA office?
    I am running for the Board of Directors because I am passionate about helping others become successful.  I want to be able to give back to our professional network of Members so that we can help strengthen and grow our local businesses, community and economy.  By working together we can continue to make Carrollwood and our surrounding areas not only the most highly desirable areas to have a business and live but also to be a role model to other professional organization and communities across the country.
    What has been your past involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a Board Member?
    I have been an active CABA Member since I joined in November 2015.  I have been a regular attendee at the Coffees and After 5s meetings.  In addition, I volunteered on the Special Events Committee and the Membership Committee.  I was a Vendor at the Taste of Carrollwood, I have attended Power Lunches, several new membership workshops to help welcome new members, co-hosted a CABA Coffee, attended the 30th Anniversary Gala, and most recently attended "Painting with a Purpose."  I have met with countless members one on one so that I can get to know them and help with referrals and have personally done business with countless members.  As a Board Member, I will continue to be proactive to help others become successful and will commit to listening to our Member's needs so that we can continue to improve and be an Ambassador for new Members.  I would appreciate your consideration to allow me to represent you as a Board Director for 2016-2017.



  • Candidate for Director

    Nicholas Romer
    700 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, Fl 33716
    727-365-9717, nick.romer@mybrighthouse.com

    Why are you running for CABA office?
    CABA has been great for Bright House and myself, so I would like to contribute as much to this group as it has contributed to me.

    What has been your past involvement in CABA and what qualifies you to be a Board Member?
    I have been a Member for a year and the more involved I get in this group, the more good things happen.


  • Election Committee

    Please reach out to any of the following CABA Members who are graciously serving as our Election Committee!  They can answer any questions or concerns you may have about the election process.

    Kristin Votta, Chairperson
    Bob Ahern
    Nicholas Spurlock
    Larry Manning
    Deborah Glover-Pearcey


  • Important Dates


    • June 3rd – Final Date for Candidate’s photos to be included in election newsletter and ballots
    • June 15th – Meet the Candidates Breakfast @ Villagio Cinemas, 7:30-9:00 AM
    • June 29th – Last day nominations are taken
    • July 1st – Ballots Mailed
    • July 13th – Election Breakfast @ TPC Tampa Bay, 7:30-9:00 AM
    • July 27th – CABA Annual Awards & Installation Dinner.  Installation of new Board Members, dinner highlighting achievements of 2015-2016.  Carrollwood Country Club, 5:30-8:00 PM