• Directory/Technology Committee

    The Directory Committee has one particularly great task, and that is compiling the CABA Annual Directory. Dubbed "CABA's calling card," the annual directory serves as a community and organizational resource for those who need any of the diverse services that our members offer. CABA encourages those that live local to shop local to help support our neighbors in the business community. We distribute thousands of copies to businesses and families in the Carrollwood area throughout the course of a calendar year.

    This periodical is a great reference for everyone who comes across it. For almost 30 years now the annual directory has become the cornerstone of CABA's motto to its members, "Call a CABA Member first!" We encourage you to keep this incredible reference with you for easy access to our members.

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  • Joyce Woloson
    Directory/Technology Director
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    Cell: (813) 724-4444