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  • Community Outreach Committee

    CABA has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding in 1986. This is in large part thanks to our successful, unwavering effort to put our boots on the ground and share our mission within the community. The Community Relations Committee, ushered by Dena Thompson-Estes, participates in a multitude of other local organizations as well as helps energize our membership to the spirit of activity and involvement within our organization.

    We've personally introduced CABA to hundreds of prospective members and customers for CABA members in the last year. How have we managed to achieve this? We take an active role in a plethora of exciting events in the business community and our area.

    We're thrilled to promote and support CABA and our members, and are excited about the events we will be involved in throughout our vibrant community.

    If you're interested in becoming a part of this great committee, contact Dena Thompson-Estes at 813-443-5572 or email HERE.

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  • Dena Thompson-Estes
    Community Outreach Committee Director
    The Women's Law Group
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