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Membership Benefits
CABA Membership Benefits
Business Directory
Every Member that is active by the submission deadline is included - don't be left out.  This project is advertiser/member supported and it is published Annually.
Free Group Emailing
CABA Group Emailing - Are You Networking There?
CABA group emailing is a free Member to Member benefit that every Member should use. One you sign-in to the CABA website, click on My Groups, then go to CABA Main Community "Options", and "Email all Members".  CABA uses group emailing to remind Members about our weekly meetings, Power Lunches and Special Events, to seek volunteers, to announce special and urgent opportunities between newsletter publications and other CABA messages from our Board of Directors.   Members can send one email per week which must be business-related.
Mailing List of Members
Market your CABA business, products or services to other CABA members. Download our PDF Directory or order a Mailing List in Excel format that can be easily transferred into labels!
Member to Member Discounts
Many Members offer Member to Member discounts, free initial consultations, samples, coupons, etc. Call a Member first when searching for goods or services. Introduce yourself! Use the Member Search section of our website to find the products and services you are looking for!

New Member Welcome Kit
Look for your welcome package at the next CABA event or Newcomer's Lunch. It includes your membership plaque, a copy of our Annual Directory and more useful information about CABA.
CABA Members are now in control of their account and their own profile pages.  Your profile can include photos, attachments, links, blogs, etc.  The CABA website reports all our news, events and happenings and lists all its Members in our online directory. Search for Members by business category, name or keyword. Always check the on-line calendars for the most up-to-date information.  The website also lists all of CABA’s current Board Members, phone numbers, and e-mail address for easy accessibility.
Free Weekly Networking Meetings
Every Wednesday at a CABA Coffee or CABA After 5, you will get to meet at a Member location to network with an average of 75+ other CABA Members.  Check the on-line calendar for the next event.  As a new Member, you will get to introduce yourself and your company to all the Members for the first four meetings you attend.

Social Networking
CABA is very active on Facebook and also posts to Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  You will see announcements about CABA, our members, and events frequently.  Please friend us at or CABABiz on Twitter.
Press Releases
CABA sends press releases and photos about CABA functions and Member accomplishments and awards.

CABA Logos

You can download our Logos to use in your marketing!

Customer Service
CABA is known for being a Member-friendly organization.  Our Director of Operations and our Board of Directors are all here to help you maximize your CABA membership.
CABA’s mailing address is:   13014 N Dale Mabry PMB 338, Tampa, FL  33618
CABA’s phone number is:   813-264-0006
CABA’s e-mail is:
CABA’s website:


You get all of this and more for $300 / year  (12 full months)
Yearly Renewal Fee is $275
**  GUESTS - You are invited to attend two of our regular Wednesday Coffees of After 5s as a guest, to see if CABA is a good fit for your company.
No Reservation is required, we look forward to meeting you!

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