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Your Programs Committee

Would you like to showcase your business to CABA members and guests?  The programs committee schedules all CABA Coffees, CABA After 5 networking, and ribbon cuttings.

As an event-driven association, the programs committee not only schedules CABA weekly events, but they schedule and assign the greeter team:  the group of members who make the first impression of CABA.  If you want to meet everyone who attends a CABA networking, be a greeter!

Unlike most business groups, CABA hosts free weekly events for our members who are encouraged to invite guests.  After a guest has attended two, free events, they are asked to join CABA.  CABA’s weekly events are the primary “funnel” through which members join CABA.

For our members who have moved, expanded, or are new to CABA, we offer free ribbon cuttings. To host a ribbon cutting, reach out to the programs committee. We’ll bring the ribbon and the scissors, and you invite your clients, colleagues, and business neighbors to promote your business.

Interested in hosting an event to showcase your business or perhaps be a co-host?  Then please contact board liaison, Jonathan Simkins.  You can see more details in the CABA Hosting Checklist.

Jonathan Simkins 2023

Jonathan Simkins

Programs Committee Board Liaison

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